TERRE DI VALTER is a small family farm specialized in the production of CDO, CGDO and PGI wines of the highest quality, made from the typical wineyards of Irpinian hills in the province of Avellino.

The name given to the company is a dedication to Valter Landi, died in 2003, who, with great determination and passion has created out of nowhere a company destined to last over time, starting with the purchase of land in the hilly, clayeycalcareous town of Torre Nocelle (AV). Were also perseverance and foresight of the son of Walter, Roberto Landi, a young agronomist, who have allowed to continue his father's work, giving rise to a real production of wines from 2008 onwards, his young sister Economist Emanuela Landi. The company produces both red and white wines. Red wines are prepared and designed from the vineyards: the quality of a wine, in fact, is achieved not only in the basement but primarily by working on the vineyard. Have as raw material a great vine grapes such as Aglianico was definitely a great advantage and a guarantee of quality for the company's wines.

Cultivated varieties are used to produce both young and fresh wines and more complex and structured wines, with the winemaking process and maceration for about 15 days, with a partial fermentation with autochthonous yeast starter, malolactic fermentation completely performed for red wines as well as soft pressing of the grapes interior, cold static clarification, partial fermentation with autochthonous yeast starter, malolactic fermentation completely performed and not for white wines. Lands of vineyard committed to the production of red and white wine are: 5 hectares for the Aglianico Taurasi (owned land), 2 hectares for Greco di Tufo,2 hectares for Fiano, 3 hectares for Falanghina (leased land). Currently not the entire production is transformed into wine, since it is a family type company in development. The annual production of wine bottles is the following: 2,000 bottles of CGDO Taurasi, 10,000 bottles of CDO “VENTIDUEMARZO”, 8,000 bottles of DCO Irpinia Aglianico, 4,000 bottles of TGI Campania Aglianico, 5,000 bottles of GCDO Greco di Tufo, 4,000 bottles of GDCO Fiano di Avellino and 10,000 bottles of TGI Benevento Falanghina for a total of about 43,000 bottles a year. Red wines that the company produces are: "Ventiduemarzo", "Taurasi", "Irpinia Aglianico" and "Campania Aglianico." The CDO "IRPINIA VENTIDUEMARZO", made from a grape variety Aglianico greatly suited to the hilly terrain of mainly volcanic origin, offers exceptional results in clayey-calcareous soils. This wine is aged in French durmast barrels for a period of six months, he has a deep ruby red color and has an aroma that reminds a complex bouquet that includes violet, black currant and blackberry.

Its flavor is captivating and elegant, tannicoma is justly balanced, an excellent accompaniment to roasted red meat, spices or truffles based dishes and mature cheeses. The "Taurasi" is a red CGDO, also aged in French durmast barrels for a period greater than 14 months, with a warm enveloping flavor, great structure and softness and aroma of plum, bitter cherry, raspberry, and strawberry. It can be matched with red meat, game and mature cheeses. The third is red CDO "Irpinia Aglianico" aged in French durmast barrels for three months in a deep red color and a complex bouquet of aroma that reminds black cherry and chocolate. The taste is warm and inviting and is ideal for pairing with red meats and cheeses. Among the types of red there is, in the end, the TGI "Campania Aglianico" wine, vinified in steel tanks, aged in bottle for at least two months, with lower temperatures. It can be matched with typical dishes of the Mediterranean kitchen.

The company's offer is completed by three types of white wine: CGDO " Fiano di Avellino" from grapes from a vineyard of Lapio (AV) of a pale yellow color, with a flavor in which you can appreciate a good acidity and softness. It is referred to as aperitif paired with toasted hazelnuts, and to accompany with seafood and fish dishes of haute cuisine. There is the CGDO " Greco di Tufo ", made from grapes
of the vineyards of Prata di Principato Ultra (AV). It has an alive pale yellow color, is aged in the bottle three or four months, with an intense aroma and a flavor in which you can appreciate an excellent acidity, a great softness and flavor.

This wine is excellent as an aperitif, or in combination with crustaceans, grilled fish, poultry and cold dishes. In the end, from a vineyard of Benevento, is produced TGI " Benevento Falanghina ". It is aged in the bottle for at least a month, the aroma is fresh and fruity and also its taste has a great freshness. It can be combined with crustaceans, grilled fish and it is also ideal as aperitif.

The future of this young company consists in an infrastructural development which will raise production without affecting the quality level of the wines produced, with the intent to perform, subsequently, a niche production allocated to the development in the biological and in eco.