Designation:   controlled designation of origin guaranteed d.o.c.g.
Grapes: Aglianico
Variety of grape: red
Soil: vine of a big adaptability at hilly soils prevalently of  volcanic origin but it offer extraordinary results in clayey-calcareous grounds between Sabato and Calore rivers
Culture system: espalier culture with a spurred cord pruning
Vineyard: Torre le Nocelle (AV)
Exposure: south-east
Altitude: 400 metres on sea level
Bushiness: 4000 stumps for hectare
Age of vineyard: about 30 years
Vintage time: before november, selection in vineyard, vintaging by hand
Yield for hectare: 60 quintals for hectare
Vinification: soaking for about 15 days, fermentation partially carried out with starter of autochthonous ferments,  malolactic completely carried out
Refining: french durmast barrel for 14 mounths
Colour: deep ruby red
Fragrance: it offers a complex bouquet that reminds to the viola, ribes, dewberry and chocolate
Taste: warm, encircling, of a big structure and softness with plum, bitter cherry, raspberry, strawberry jam fragrance
Coupling: elaborate red meat, hunting and tasty mature cheeses